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Friday, April 08, 2005

From David Dark

"Sooner or later, we avoid the company of people who don't buy into our chosen slogans or respond favorably to our mass e-mails, and we unknowingly define our community by the people who agree with us or who have at least learned dutifully to avoid particular topics in our company. Tragically, it can become what we mean when we think of friendship. We become our own death cult (or target market), and we feel most alive when we listen to talk radio personalities who tell us how to feel."

"America as a commodity becomes less appealing to the global village when America presents itself as a creature that only listens to itself. It's hard to appreciate a service provider that denies all negative feedback in advance of hearing it."

- excerts from The Gospel According to America: A Meditation on a God-blessed, Christ-haunted Idea by David Dark