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Monday, April 11, 2005

My Word Does It Again

Wow. Can I just say this was a disturbing site.

While I was in our library (at my work place) I was looking up commentaries for my upcoming exegesis paper on Ruth 4. Needless to say, I'm not thrilled to be writing 12-15 pages of redaction criticism on the levirate marriage system in the preexilic period. Yawn. As the studious person I can be, I decided to see what our library had to offer. So I find myself in the back of this dimly lit aisle, barley squeezing between book columns, trying to find books on Ruth. When I look down at the bottom shelf, I notice an interesting object in the shadows next to some books. Slowly I lean down to investigate as the foreign item comes clearer into view. Sure enough the unidentified object at the bottom shelf is a rat trap. Let's just say I didn't stick around to become acquainted with its next victim, that's for sure. Well done work place. Well done.